Woodbine Associates, Inc.
  Capital Markets Consulting and Research


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About Us
Woodbine Associates is a unique consulting and research firm serving companies and professionals operating in and supporting the capital markets industry.  


Founded and staffed by highly experienced industry professionals, Woodbine Associates is raising the bar for consulting services and quantitative, qualitative, and survey-based research on critical capital markets issues.  The backgrounds and experience level of our consultants enable us to provide greater insight into the issues and render more informed opinions, viewpoints, and advice than has traditionally been available from consultants and business research analysts. 


We provide a range of customized consulting services and research to the investment management, hedge fund, broker/dealer, and technology vendor communities.


If you are looking for greater insight into issues confronting the capital markets, look to Woodbine Associates.

For more information contact:

Matt Samelson
CEO and Director of Equities
email:  msamelson@woodbineassociates.com 
Phone:  203-274-8970 x 201 
Sean Owens
Director of Fixed Income
email: sowens@woodbineassociates.com
Phone 203-274-8970 x 204


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