Enhancing U.S. Equity Trading Relationships

Woodbine Associates’ new report, “Capturing Incremental Order Flow: Enhancing U.S. Equity Trading Relationships” highlights the factors driving the direction of unanticipated high- and low-touch orders.  Buy-side traders use particular criteria when deciding how to work incremental orders.  Our analysis examines these criteria for high and low touch orders and identifies differences between large (U.S. $100 billion + Equity AUM), medium (U.S. $10 billion equity AUM to U.S $100 billion Equity AUM), and small firms (Less than U.S. $10 billion equity AUM).There is no question the markets have changed.  Holding and growing market share for equity orders has become more difficult than ever.  Brokers and vendors that offer execution services must focus more intently than ever on acquiring business where opportunities arise.

Capturing incremental flow provides an opportunity for the selected broker to shine in a meaningful, value-added way.  Successfully handling incremental orders may also bode well for brokers/vendors looking to improve their positioning for order flow often discussed in the broker vote.

Key Points:

  • Winning incremental high-touch order flow requires expert-sales traders.
  • Winning incremental low-touch order flow requires exceptional algorithms and a willingness to customize.

This report is based on a rigorously crafted, invitation-only survey of 49 head or senior traders at leading asset management firms that trade U.S. equities.

This 26-page report has 13 figures.

The report is available free of charge to Woodbine Associates Market Intelligence Service members.  It may also be purchased individually.

For more information please contact:

Matt Samelson
CEO and Director of Equities
Phone:  203-274-8970 ext 201
Email: msamelson@woodbineassociates.com 

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