Woodbine Associates is pleased to offer our Market Intelligence Service.

This service is a membership-based offering.  It is designed for brokers, dealers, vendors, and execution platformswhose business is driven by the trading norms, preferences, and practices of large institutional investors.  The intention is to provide actionable information at both industry wide and member specific level to help validate strategies, grow revenue, expand market share, and increase profitability.

The Offering

Our Market Intelligence Service is designed for leaders who value independent, objective, quantitatively-based market intelligence.  We concentrate on subject matter that is essential to growing your business, yet hard for executives and managers to consider with adequate depth amid the crush of daily business demands.
The offering is built around a core series of annual surveys of equity and fixed income trading practices at leading global investment advisors.  We elicit macro-level, broker specific and dealer specific information critical for business providers. Our extensive experience as traders in conjunction with a proprietary survey methodology elicits critical, focused, quantifiable information with low error and bias.

Members also enjoy full access to senior consultants and complimentary access to other materials produced by Woodbine Associates throughout the year.

Who Should Become Members?

Brokers, dealers, vendors, and other service providers that offer equity, fixed income, or derivatives related trading, analytic, or execution-related services to asset managers.

What Differentiates our Service
Our service is differentiated from other offerings in three distinct ways:

  • Experience.  Our professionals each have over ten years of trading experience.  They learned about their respective markets and business by doing and not by “covering,” “reporting,” or “supporting.”  This exposure yields a comprehensive understanding of how trading businesses operate and crucial drivers for business development.  It provides for highly focused, insightful, and penetrating survey questions that drill to the heart of the matters of focus.
  • Methodology.  We employ proprietary survey design methods and an approach to survey administration specifically designed to control for error and bias.
  • Collaboration.  Our service is intended to be interactive.  We certainly look to members for insight into topics of interest.  However, we endeavor to add additional value by working with members to obtain particular information that is of interest to them as individual firms.  In this manner, our offering is between the rote subscription and the bespoke engagement.

These three factors make our service a unique, stand-out offering in the capital markets.

Isn’t a “Membership” the same thing as a “Subscription”?

No.  A subscription is volume driven. You expect to receive a specific number of reports over a specified time period. Our membership is designed to provide quality information and analysis not “quantity of product.”  As mentioned above, we go the extra mile to make our membership collaborative and valuable to firms on a quasi customized basis.


Anyone can tell you anything in a pitch or a sales document.  Us telling you about value and quality rings empty if we can’t back it up.    We are confident that the abilities our professionals and the quality of our products and services speak for themselves.  
We invite you to contact us for more details as well as product samples.  With this information, you will be able to make an informed, unbiased, assessment of our offering and determine its value to your organization..

For More Information please see our macro-level and broker-specific examples or contact:

Matt Samelson
CEO and Director of Equities
203-274-8970 ext 201
Sean Owens
Director of Fixed Income
203-274-8970 x204

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