Independent Research

Woodbine Associates is an independent research and consulting firm focuses on the capital markets.  Our analysts focus on strategic, business, regulatory, market structure, and technology issues impacting firms in and supporting the equity, debt, and derivatives markets.

We produce data-driven, survey-based, and other reports on topics that we believe a hard, unbiased, look from a practitioner’s perspective would be beneficial to the industry.

Reports are available for purchase on an individual basis. Woodbine Associates does not offer research subscriptions, so purchase only the publications you want when you want with no additional commitment.
We understand budgeting and purchasing policies differ among firms and in some cases the purchase of a single item may be difficult. If this is the case, please contact us to discuss options for the advance purchase of a group of reports.

Current reports available for purchase are listed below:

“Dealer Ratings High Yield Trading” – 11/2/2015

“Dealer Ratings: Investment Grade Corporate Bond Trading” – 10/21/2015

“Broker Rankings:  U.S. Equity Execution Services” – 10/7/2015

“Credit Trading Dealer Liquidity” – 9/24/2015

“Research Services” – 7/08/2015

“Capturing Incremental Equity Order Flow” – 5/20/2015

“Changing Approaches to Credit Trading” – 4/28/2015

“Broker Opportunities Among Institutional Investors in the U.S. Equity Market” –  2/25/2015

“Are Some Betas Really Smarter?” –  6/9/2014

“Mid-Sized Hedge Funds: Perspectives on Broker Personnel, Execution Services, and Analytics” –  6/2/2014

“Mid-Sized Hedge Funds: Perspectives on Raising Capital, Financing, Compliance, and Risk Management –  4/9/2014
“A Sharper Performance Measure” –  3/19/2014

“Volcker Rule Readiness Assessment” –  2/24/2014

“Advanced Concepts in Manager Selection –  1/27/2014

“Collateral Management: Business Requirements and Vendor Systems –  11/5/2013

“Execution Management Systems” –  10/16/2013

“Execution Benchmarking for Credit Instruments” –  9/23/2013

Broker Equity Coverage:  Align or Combine?” –  6/17/2013

Execution Consultants:  Asset Manager Expectations from Low-Touch Coverage –  6/5/2013

“Sales-Traders:  Asset Manager Expectations from High-Touch Coverage” –  5/21/2013

Dark Pool Directory 2013” –  3/20/2013

“OTC Derivatives Readiness Guide: Business and Regulatory Requirements for Asset Managers and Others” – 1/28/2013

“Soft Dollars and Bundled Services: Practices, History, and Controversy – 11/28/2012

“Collateral Management and Vendor Systems” – 10/11/2012

“Dark Pools:  Characteristics, Operations and Liquidity” – 9/17/2012

“U.S Equity Exchange Performance” – 5/7/2012

“Buy-Side Corporate Bond Execution” – 11/30/2011
“Order Management Systems” – 10/17/2011

“U.S. Equity Exchange Performance” – 4/13/2011

“OTC Derivatives Clearing in the U.S.” – 1/24/2011

“Execution Management Systems”  – 12/6/2010

“U.S. Exchange and ECN Performance, Second Half 2009” – 9/27/2010

“Potential Changes to the Derivative Markets under Dodd-Frank” –  9/9/2010

“High Frequency Trading” – 4/15/2010
“U.S. Exchange and ECN Performance, First Half 2009.” – 10/29/2009