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Soft Dollars and Bundled Services: Practices, History, and Controversy

Stamford, Connecticut, November 28, 2012 - Woodbine Associates (http://www.woodbineassociates.com), the capital markets consulting and research firm, announces the release of its latest report, “Soft Dollars and Bundled Services: Practices, History, and Controversy.”  The report examines Commission Sharing Arrangements (CSAs) and Client Commission Agreements (CCAs) used by money managers to pay for research with trading commissions.  

"These practices benefit money managers and brokers but too often not investors,” states Matt Samelson, Principal and author of the report.  “The world is crying for transparency, yet there is no movement toward a truly unbundled world.  Why is that?”

The report focuses on the impetus for service bundling and payment through trading commissions.  It also explores the history behind the practice (which dates back to the 1790s in the US), controversy, conflicts of interest, and arguments for and against unbundling.

“Professionals in all facets of the investment process need to understand where the potential skeletons lie,” adds Samelson. “There are tremendous potential pitfalls – moral, legal, and ethical.  The best way to avoid problems are to understand what those problems may be.”

The 44 page report includes 5 tables and figures.   

Matt Samelson
CEO and Director of Equities
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